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Our work focuses on meaningful measures of child well-being and pathways to success for children.

While many children face risk factors, careful investments can help them succeed, and the pay-offs of these investments are tangible. When we help children develop resilience to the risk factors in their lives, they reach school ready to learn, they become early readers, thrive in primary school, are much more likely to stay in school, to graduate, go on to higher education, delay parenting, find living wage jobs, and avoid crime and drugs.

Outcome metrics

It is tempting to focus on population risks and program outputs. Instead, we focus on outcome metrics tied to child well-being, and high quality interventions carefully linked to positive outcomes for children, families and communities.

Evaluation methods

Our focus begins with an effort to apply the strongest possible evaluation methods, and leads to results that can help drive programmatic and policy choices. We focus on comprehensive systems of support that: start with early childhood, are multi-generational, link families to wrap-around community supports, and continue through k-12 schooling.

Commitment to data

The foundation of this work is a commitment to data collection and measurement tied to key metrics of child well-being.