Social-Emotional Development in Pre-kindergarteners and Kindergarteners

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The Pathways to Success Partnership recently joined with PeopleFirst and the Early Success Coalition to look at the influence of social and emotional development on school readiness. Positive early childhood development is both a characteristic and foundation of healthy families and healthy communities. When young children grow up with positive early experiences, healthy families, and nurturing homes and environments, they are set upon a positive trajectory for healthy development and a healthy life course. Positive early development serves as a predictor of later measures of success.

For these reasons, learning more about the constellation of factors involved in early socio-emotional development is an important policy matter for families with young children, for schools and school districts, and for our community at large.

In the fall of 2014, the study group asked parents of children registering for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten at six schools in Shelby County to complete a one-page questionnaire about their children’s behaviors. The questions centered on behaviors regarding three sub-scales of socio-emotional development:

  • attachment
  • initiative, and
  • self-control.
Our findings help illustrate how young students entering school are fairing in terms of socio-emotional development in Shelby County.

Read more in our full brief.


Download Research Brief (PDF, 2014-04)

Contributing Authors: Marie Sell, Doug Imig, Shahin Samiei
A Partnership between The Urban Child Institute and Shelby County Schools


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