Interventions for students at the greatest risk for academic failure.

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  • Finishing High School: Alternative Pathways and Dropout Recovery
  • 15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention
  • Preventing Future High School Dropouts
  • Dropout Prevention Practice Guide
  • Mentoring At-risk Youth: Improving Academic Achievement in Middle School Students
  • The Impact of Mentoring on Academic Achievement of At-risk Youth


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Shelby County Schools offers alternative schools to achieve more positive outcomes for higher-risk children.

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Shelby County Schools has adopted public health’s multi-tiered model of intervention for achieving more positive outcomes for higher-risk children.
• Primary prevention is designed to keep problems from emerging.
• Secondary prevention is designed to stop and reverse the slide toward negative outcomes.
• Meanwhile, tertiary prevention approaches are focused on young people who need the most serious and immediate intervention.

The most vulnerable students in Shelby County are concentrated within alternative schools.


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