Delta Health Alliance continues to provide a greatly needed service to families in the Indianola community through the Leflore Parents as Teachers Program.

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In 2013, the Delta Health Alliance Parents as Teachers (PAT) program assisted 91 Leflore County families in great need. This program sends a trained parent educator to each participating family’s home each month to offer support and assistance to new mothers and their infants and young children. In the past year, parent educators completed 1,112 personal visits.

Here are some highlights of PAT program gains over the past year:
  • More healthy birthweight babies and improved birth outcomes.
  • Improved rates of childhood immunization.
  • Healthy development of young children, supporting the health and well-being of the mothers of those children. Over 83% of child participants in the PAT program are developmentally on target across all five domains of development – communication skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and personal social skills.
  • Much needed social support provided to new and expectant mothers to support their coping skills, their care-giving skills, and their long-term strategizing skills.
In the Delta, PAT returns $3.80 for every dollar invested.
Meanwhile, we also identified several key domains where additional programmatic efforts are needed.

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