Nurturing Parenting Program: Pre-Kindergarten Pilot Implementation

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The Nurturing Parenting (NP) pilot project is an effort to evaluate the incorporation of intentional positive parenting information in selected Shelby County Schools (SCS) Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) classrooms. This program is designed to instill positive, nurturing child-rearing attitudes, beliefs, and practices among parents.

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Download mid-year report (PDF, 2015-Mar)

The Nurturing Parenting (NP) program is designed to foster positive parenting practices within families.

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The Pathways to Success Partnership, a joint collaboration between Shelby County Schools (SCS) and the Urban Child Institute, has been researching factors associated with positive early childhood development, kindergarten readiness, and later academic achievement for several years.
Recently, they teamed with the PeopleFirst Initiative and the Early Success Coalition to study whether implementing an intentional positive parenting program in selected SCS pre-kindergarten (pre-k) classrooms will positively impact children’s success in school, as well as the interactions that parents and teachers have with those children.

The results of this study will help to inform whether implementation of an NP-informed curriculum will help to foster positive parenting practices and, in doing so, support children’s development and kindergarten readiness.

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Download Research Brief (PDF, 2014-05)