The Wraparound process

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Of the most common team-based planning models (Child Welfare: Family Group Decision Making; Juvenile Justice: Restorative Justice Teams; Developmental Disabilities: Person Centered Planning; Education: Positive Behavioral Support Teams; Spirit and Healing Circles; and Integrated Systems: Wraparound), the Wraparound process is the most developed and the most researched. It shows that children and youth can be served within their communities, in their family homes, and in a manner that respects the dignity and importance of the family.

The Wraparound process is
  • A way to improve the lives of children and youth with complex needs and their families so that they can live in their homes and communities and realize their hopes and dreams.
  • Not a treatment, type of service, or a program.
  • Characterized by a plan that is developed by a family-centered team, individualized based on the strengths and culture of the child and their family, and is needs rather than services driven.


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